Street Style With Peter Elliot

Now I have this kind of style where I just want to be comfortable so I'll just do jeans and a white T-shirt or a black blazer and jeans and that's enough. It's different in every city I'm in as well. In London, it's hard for me to wear anything more colorful than black. When I'm in Rome, I dress up in white. When I'm in Paris, I became a Parisian. Striped T-shirt, Chanel. It's funny!

I love Jane Birkin's style in the '70s. I love everything, every picture she's in and I save them on my computer just to take her as an example [for getting dressed]. She was definitely my first style icon. Now, I love Caroline de Maigret. She's a beautiful woman who dresses with a mix of feminine and masculine style. For example a man's white shirt on a woman is so sexy and that's how she mixes it up and I used to copy that.

It's a continued evolution. I can see I've had a different style for every different age in the period of my life. It's difficult for me to say what is my style because I change all the time. I change every eight months, it's so weird. At the moment I have this kind of minimalism style where I don't like anything more than simplicity. A few years ago I used to love really colorful dresses and flowers and love to dress up every night when I was out with my friends or my boyfriend.

Ashley Newman