The Laurèl woman. Their appearance and their unconstrained style inspire. World-class, modern - so radiant and feminine. She enjoys the urban lifestyle and his spontaneous moments. In every situation she shows that personality is a question of attitude. It is self-confident and at the same time approachable.

Creatine designer Elisabeth Schwaiger: "Our wife is grown up and absolutely authentic in everything she does. It is her feminine charisma that makes her unmistakable. The joie de vivre, the way she meets every situation with a radiance. "

Laurè translates her sovereign femininity into fashion. Feminine cut, extraordinary details and bright colors underline the feeling of a woman whose class is distinguished by ease - that fascinates.

The Laurèl brand was founded in Munich in 1978. Since 1995, Elisabeth Schwaiger has been designing the unmistakable look as the head designer.

The collections are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide and the brand is globally present with more than 1000 points of sales. The brand claim "See · Feel · Love» represents the message of Laurèl: It is about passion, love of fashion. Women should "see" the creations, "feel" them on the body and "fall in love" with Laurèl.