Caliban The brand was born in 1979 in Pontevico where it was sewn the first shirt today and where are located the headquarters and production. 
E 'in Pontevico that the quality and tailoring skills meet creativity to translate into excellence.

Caliban The brand was founded in 1979 as the first corporate brand of Giemme BrandsCorporate Spa. Strength and elegance balanced by style. The quality and sartorial skills meet creativity to translate into excellence where the style and the valuable features of construction of new lines merge. We prefer the ordinariness of taste excluding exaggerations and extravagances, but valuing things done in our modo..bene. In 2003 he developed a line for women, by the will of Giemme BrandsCorporate Spa in collaboration with the designer Rita Cannata. The idea was to create a shirt that could be worn in many ways, but destined to sophisticated women. The women's shirt Caliban has its roots in the construction of men's tailored shirt. The result of these years of continuous improvement is the woman collection of Caliban that caters to a young and active woman, with a variety of shirts that can suit any occasion, with the use of everyday to special events.